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 Endangered species and poaching are a problem that seems to have been forgotten about through this pandemic. Since travel restrictions and cancellations, international tourism has been hit hard, in turn, leaving the endangered species in even greater danger.

Although there are debt relief and other assistance, we need to start thinking of other long-term ways to protect these animals; including the locals in decision making and the management of wild populations, and potentially giving them hunting and agricultural rights in otherwise protected areas.  Including the locals in decision making can help them to be more involved and care more for the animals that are being affected by poaching. Giving the locals the ability to voice their opinions and concerns for their surroundings helps them feel involved.  If they were to have hunting and agricultural rights it may help poaching to decrease as they would have the right to hunt them legally.    

When it comes down to it, it takes more than a safari to ensure that there is enough habitat for humans and animals to share. Link to the full article