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Who is Les Ottolenghi?

Les Ottolenghi has leveraged his expertise in digital transformation, cloud technology, mobile solutions, and cybersecurity throughout his illustrious 30-year career. With roles spanning Fortune 500 companies, he has excelled as a Chief Commercial Officer, CIO, CDO, and CISO, driving disruptive innovation and enabling organizational evolution in the realms of technology and business.

Visionary Leadership

Creator of quality solutions and thinker of fresh ideas.

With a laser focus on tackling substantial challenges, I specialize in harnessing cutting-edge, scalable IT network and software infrastructures, along with innovative application architectures. My mission? Empowering organizations, whether they're Fortune 500 juggernauts or pioneering startups, to embark on transformative digital journeys. I thrive on delving into inventive thought processes, sculpting pathways to billion-dollar opportunities that redefine the digital terrain. Let's pioneer together towards a future where creativity and innovation flourish, shaping not just companies, but entire industries.

A Little of My Story

Strategic thinker and doer.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of strategic planning, technology business management, and cybersecurity prowess, I specialize in IT realignment, outsourcing models, and cloud-driven e-commerce solutions, all underpinned by the ITIL framework. With a track record of crafting and leading global, cross-functional teams exceeding 1,000 members, I've spearheaded the establishment of IT departments for two major enterprises and numerous startups. Notably, I was honored with the descriptor "extraordinary" by the founder, chairman, and CEO of Las Vegas Sands. My journey has been illuminated by the wisdom of esteemed mentors like Professor Jeff Rosensweig, Professor Al Hartgraves, and Dr. Robert Kazanjian, among others, whose guidance has been invaluable. I extend heartfelt gratitude to family members, mentors, and leaders who have steadfastly supported my endeavors, recognizing them as the cornerstone of my success.

Experienced business leader.

Executive leaders, like Les Ottolenghi, drive strategic decision-making and innovation across boards by leveraging experience, insights, and leadership. Actively engaged in meetings, they ensure decisions align with company goals. Anticipating trends, they identify innovation opportunities to propel the organization forward. Bringing strategic insight and collaborative energy, they inspire creative thinking and embrace change. With dedication and expertise, they empower boards to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for sustained success in today's business landscape.

Chris PorterPresident and Co-Founder at GOHUNT

Les joined our board in August of 2020 and was instrumental in our technology transformation. He has an incredible ability to understand the business vision at a high level and then help translate what is needed on the technology side to execute on that vision. He has been a great advisor, mentor and friend. We are lucky to have him.

Sunny GuptaChairman Emeritus Apptio & Strategic Advisor IBM

Les is an amazing leader. I had the pleasure of working with Les when he was CIO at Las Vegas Sands and then again at Caesars. Les adopted TBM and Apptio at both organizations. He is one of the most strategic thinkers, but also balances execution with strategy extremely well. He is direct in his communication style but also respectful of others around him.

Joel MenaProduct Leader | UX Consultant | Coach & Speaker

I had the opportunity to work with Les on a couple of projects related to online advertising platforms and travel. Les is an experienced and highly skilled technology executive; however, what really sets him apart is his ability to solve business needs and communicate a vision effectively.

Radhika RaghavanVice President of Digital Transformation

A 10X digital transformation centric leader who inspires the team to dream big, learn more and continue to raise the bar describes Les Ottolenghi in a nutshell. I had the honor of knowing and working directly for Les at Las Vegas Sands and Caesars Entertainment. Above all, I was impressed with his ability to enable new business models with a transformative Enterprise architecture while addressing massive technology refresh at the back-end. Les is an extraordinary leader and a great asset to an organization that believes in always providing 10X value to its customer and stakeholders.

Diane RemyRetired President, AAA Club Alliance (Mid-Atlantic Region)

I have known Les for many years, have worked with him in many capacities, and have always found it productive and rewarding. He has a winning attitude that permeates to all he meets. Les is diligent in driving results with a focus on win-win solutions. He embraces a high standard of core values and delivers on his promises. I am most appreciative of his willingness to share so openly his extensive knowledge base