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Life Time Fitness CEO Bahram Akradi wants to help simplify members’ lives through strategic partnerships with retail, food, and living and working spaces. He cited that according to data from the Federal Highway Administration, the average American makes about 10 trips a day. He thinks that Life Time can cut it down to only four or five by creating curated communities around Life Time fitness centers. Several of these locations are already experimenting with luxury living and built-in membership access. The brand is one example of new trend companies are exploring: offering more and more ancillary lifestyle amenities. This article by Fast Company gives us an update on the growing trend:

  • Life Time plans to open locations in Las Vegas, Miami, and Dallas beginning in 2020 that offers luxury apartment living connected to their high-end fitness clubs.
  • Life Time is experimenting with offering more provisions from eating areas to dedicated workspaces to nap rooms.
  • Real estate companies are pushing for more thoughtful curation of lifestyle options for residents from connected food and retail.
  • Curation will be dictated by what target groups of consumers choose to most identify with, including brands.
  • The new wave of real estate will be considerate of how spaces are programmed, like a television channel, with a mix of uses and complementary experiences.