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How can we stay in touch with businesses after the COVID19 pandemic?

  • New tools Google has provided businesses to help stay connected to consumers.
  • How to help support businesses after the pandemic.

We cannot deny that businesses have been severely impacted by COVID19. With that being said, Google has come out with a series of updates with the purpose of helping local businesses adapt and to serve their customers across Google Maps and Search.  Some updates include communicating to customers about revised operating hours or temporary closures, adding and expanding a set of features that allow businesses to support themselves such as gift card sales, fundraising or by marketing their virtual services, and the ability to point to the business’ preferred delivery partners. Google plans to address the in-person businesses who have been impacted by adding to their profile attributes things such as “online classes,” “online appointments,” “online estimates.” They also plan on expanding its Reserve with Google appointment-setting program to offer easy online appointment bookings that customers can book directly from a Business Profile – which then adds to their own Google Calendar.

With Google’s ability to connect consumers with local businesses it has resulted in a large surge of new traffic across Google Maps and Search. Don’t have time to drive to the gym to work out? Just find a gym that’s doing online classes through Google. Want to book an appointment with a realtor? Head online and set up your virtual appointment.  Our new normal may not be what we ever thought it would, but with these new tools that they have provided businesses and consumers – we can still enjoy most of our day to day lives while being in support of these businesses.    

It’s a simple click of a button to support local businesses – head to Google and search the business to see if they have any of those options added to their business profile and simply enjoy! Link to Article