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Neuroscience is a field of cognitive study that demonstrates the limitless capacity of the human mind. Neuroscience is used by many forward-thinking business and life coaches to coax forth positive changes in clients’ thinking and behavior. Rebounding faster from setbacks, proactively managing and processing stressful people or situations, effectively self-soothing, and preparing for success and opportunities, are just a few of the benefits that people experience when tapping into neuroscience practices.

In Neuroscience for Coaches, author and coach Amy Brann explores insights from neuroscience studies, sharing essential terms, strategies for expanding a client’s awareness, and more insightful information. One of these key findings is neuroplasticity (i.e., how the brain changes in response to a person’s experiences).

By tapping into neuroscience, coaches can offer a “fresh picture” with those they coach. “Much of what people do is habitual. They may seek coaching when their habits no longer serve them well,” writes Brann.

Here are 8 ways that an integrative coaching-neuroscience approach can maximize the brain’s plasticity:

  1. Transition focus on building conscious behaviors that lead to more willpower and wellness.
  2. Overcome setbacks and stress by practicing an optimistic outlook and a focus on gratitude.
  3. Reach goals and gain feelings of fulfillment by achieving periodic milestones.
  4. Gain autonomy, mastery, and purpose in pursuit of goals.
  5. Improve capacity for retaining memories and sharpen decision-making skills.
  6. Enhance empathy and focus through regular mediation.
  7. Strengthen beliefs around “self-efficacy” by getting into the “flow” / high level of performance.
  8. Prime for positive outcomes through “choice architecture” practices.

Neuroplasticity gives us an insightful look into the true potential of the human brain by understanding behavioral reactions to experiences. Whether utilizing this knowledge for self or others, Neuroscience for Coaches illuminates a path towards a more productive and clear mind.