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“Not the right timing” or “being too old” are often used as excuses for delaying risks, opportunities or paths that present themselves throughout our lives. It seems as if we are constantly running out of time or missing the boat on things, which haphazardly leads us to feel disenchanted with daily living. This essay addresses that constant what-if feeling, while also offering a perspective of encouragement.

Here are five of my favorite take-ways from this compelling exploratory essay:

– The execution doesn’t have to be perfect when you take things on with a self-effacing, genuine approach. As June Beaux points out, “The pursuit of something has value on its own, regardless of whether you ever master it.”

– Comparing yourself to others’ or to what the world expects of you, often results in anxiety and disappointment. Your time is much better spent reveling in the possibility of what each moment offers.

– “Youth” is less of an age range but more a collective feeling of having many options available. “Youth” can be reclaimed at any time.

– “You will have multiple lives, and you will morph into many versions of yourself.”

– Cumulatively, life is filled with chances. As you look back at time periods in your past, you will realize just how much you had to give and how young you actually were.

I read the article mentioned above ( and thought it was interesting. While I am not offering an endorsement of a strategy, tactics, thoughts, service nor a company or author, the information was intellectually stimulating and thoughtful and worth a review.