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We are in full swing here in the second leg of the TIBCO NOW 2019 Global Tour in Chicago, Illinois. As a part of our mission to accomplish Innovation Everywhere, we paused to recognize the winners of this year’s Trailblazer Award winners in the Americas. The Trailblazer Awards recognize customers who have literally blazed the trails of digital transformation using TIBCO technology to innovate and disrupt in their industries to stay ahead of the competition.

Each year, the awards recognize visionaries, pioneers, transformers, and impactful market leaders across all industries. We are proud to announce this year’s winners: Grupo Xcaret, Hemlock Semiconductor, Ulta Beauty, and Caesars Entertainment.

Caesars Entertainment enhances customer experiences on a global scale

Caesars Entertainment won this year’s Transformer Award. This world-renowned entertainment group successfully implemented API-led integration to create a single catalog of APIs for integrating with applications, both on the cloud and hosted by external partners. Caesars Entertainment was able to expose its services both on the cloud and on-prem as APIs. As a result, several functions such as offers and loyalty programs are being exposed as services instead of directly integrated with source systems. This implementation has allowed the company to create robust developer onboarding and self-learning opportunities while providing faster time-to-market for new capabilities.

“You have to invest in technology in order to be relevant; digital transformation is not optional. This results in better customer experience and engagement,” said Les Ottolenghi from Caesars Entertainment.

We would again like to congratulate this year’s winners on their achievements that have allowed them to innovate and disrupt in their respective industries, as well as their capabilities to achieve total digital transformation.