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As we are all faced with the greatest challenge of the 21st century so far, there is a generation of devoted professionals and true patriots who are the frontlines in the battle of our lives.

It is not the politicians, nor the billionaires, nor the pundits on TV. It is not social media clowns circulating unsubstantiated hoaxes. The attention and respect are due to the people saving the lives of our loved ones and dearest friends. These heroes are born from a generation raised during 9/11. A generation who endured and overcame the Great Recession. A generation who now face a global war, and without hesitation to their personal risk, prepare for battle without hesitation. And, they face a commitment to uncertainty on our behalf while we all wait and hope for a positive outcome.

As they rise to the occasion, this generation has redefined and reinforced what makes a great American. I am so very proud of my nephew Joey, who is currently a resident at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn — going above and beyond to provide care to those who are battling COVID-19. When traditional techniques have not saved a patient, he and his co-workers administer CPR in entirely new ways. When respirators do not show up and do not work, they have invented new methods to share these essential, life-saving machines.

As all the hospitals across our great country feel the overwhelming impact of this pandemic war, our doctors and nurses everywhere are demonstrating the kind of character, ingenuity, and determination that is truly the best of all of us — what we all know to be truly American. Make no mistake: This generation will prove to have the most profound impact on our communities, our country, and our lives. They will lead by example, and they will prepare us for the next challenges. They will define the 21st century American and demonstrate what it is to be the Greatest Generation.

Link to article: “Inside One Brooklyn Hospital’s Scramble To Prepare for Surge in Coronavirus Patients”