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As technology is moving forward, we need to be doing the same. This pandemic has taught us that work can and will be done from home, with the help of technology. You can go out and purchase all the pretty new technology, but if you aren’t sure how to use it – it’s of no use.  Most of us find a job or career and continue within it because it is comfortable, we understand how to do that specific job, leading us to become stagnant.  We can all prepare for a more digitally-driven world by putting people first, focus on soft skills, driving change from the top, making sure you’re acting on data insights, and if you can’t fail fast, make sure you succeed slowly.  

  • Your ability to adapt to a more digital future depends on learning new skills.
  • The pandemic has shifted our minds to rethink our potential.
  • Ways to help prepare for us for a technology-driven world.

Technology gives us a tool to be able to do more with less – as long as it’s paired with proper human skills.  We need to step up our game to be able to utilize all that technology is giving us. Focusing on soft skills is important because technology is constantly evolving, therefore those people with top degrees are not as relevant since they also need to learn new skills.  Change starts from the top people in any company, having great leaders is crucial to being able to adapt to change.  It’s important to be acting on data insights rather than just looking at it and thinking it will change – you must be able to implement that.  Lastly, if you can’t fail fast, make sure you succeed slowly – ultimately this means that it’s harder to learn from your successes rather than your failures. If you don’t have the culture in place that can tolerate quick experiments with the ability to learn lessons from it, then you are better to slowly gain success. 

At the end of the day, we must be willing to adapt to the technology-driven world – it can make us stronger. Full link to the article