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Long before the dot-com bubble companies existed in Silicon Valley – a span of cities that stretch along Highway 101 and San Francisco Bay. However, as Duncan Riach, Ph.D. writes on OneZero, Silicon Valley does not offer views of the Golden Gate bridge and it very much resembles a sprawling, flat office park.

Silicon Valley is often misrepresented by media and pop-cultural mentions. Sure, it’s home to giants like Apple, Intel, Facebook, Google, and others, but Silicon Valley also goes back much further to the 1930s at the technological revolution.

“At the core of Silicon Valley is engineering — the kind that involves sitting in beige cubicles staring at computer screens all day. Over the years, those screens may have become thinner and displayed more pixels, but they still feature a command-line interface spewing monochrome text conveying error and warnings,” writes Riach.

What you are looking for you will find in Silicon Valley, whether that is “techies” with buzzy jargon or “tech bros” or disillusioned VCs or nonsensical start-ups. However, Riach also emphasizes that Silicon Valley is the seat of innovation, and it’s there that you can find technically and creatively gifted, forward-thinking individuals that are riding each new wave of innovation.

I read the article mentioned above ( and thought it was interesting. While I am not offering an endorsement of a strategy, tactics, thoughts, service nor a company or author, the information was intellectually stimulating and thoughtful and worth a review.