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In this episode of Net Effects Podcast, co-hosts Les Ottolenghi and Mark Bavisotto visit with serial entrepreneur and founder Scot Wingo. Wingo is the CEO of Get Spiffy, Inc. Spiffy provides on-demand car care and services with operations across 23 cities in the United States. With over 200 vans and technicians mobilized to cover everything from oil changes to car washes, Wingo has a remarkable intuition for reading the market and anticipating customer needs.

Episode highlights:

  • “One of the keys in a startup is making it to the other end.” As an entrepreneur, says Wingo, you should have Plan B, C, and D to power through the tough times.
  • Be a Tigger vs. an Eyore. Entrepreneurs thrive with optimism and resilience because “you’re going to fail a lot.” The key is to mitigate failures through a framework’s success and failure — of which 80% is pressing the “more” button (i.e., things that are going to work) and 20% is experimental (and a little bit is really far out there).
  • Keep morale up in times of crisis through transparency and a consistent communication cadence.
  • How entrepreneurs can direct their vision for short- and long-term success with either venture-backed goals or bootstrapped goals.
  • 2020 accelerated e-commerce shifts and the disruption will continue as more and more companies “go direct” to consumers

Wingo gives insight into the startup chaos created by digitalization and the opportunities that await the entrepreneurs and idea-driven individuals. Other topics covered in this conversation include socially conscious business operation, green technologies, and digital transformation.  Listen to the full episode here.