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Atticus Tysen shares highlights from his journey from Stanford student to leading Intuit’s technology and innovation vision as CIO. This episode is filled with brilliant insight around leading with empathy and pursuing career passion. 


Episode highlights:

  • Love what you’re doing right now – but when you run out of gas and have accomplished what you need to accomplish and learned what you need to learn – start looking around at what’s interesting and what challenge you’d like to take on next. Be open about this with your colleagues.
  • Have a great mission that you can galvanize people around. Intuit is focused on a mission to power prosperity around the world as a platform where people can solve their biggest financial problems.
  • Foster a team environment of “lifelong learners” and be constructively dissatisfied with the status quo.
  • Preserve a sense of community for remote workers. Consider how to shift to how people want to work and what helps them feel engaged and supported in addition to collaboration technology (e.g., leadership town halls, “coffee hours,” etc.).
  • The pandemic has created an opportunity for all of us to reassess what’s important. Seek what you want to pursue – all options are good options – and start creating opportunities. 

In this episode, we also cover topics, such as new technology trends (e.g., blockchain as a trust protocol for supply chains), company culture, the path all companies are on to becoming a “technology company,” and the importance of the CIO role. Listen to the full episode now.