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In this episode of Net Effects Podcast, co-hosts Les Ottolenghi and Mark Bavisotto discuss all things social with Squad CEO and Founder, Isa Watson. This episode is an insightful look at what it takes to build meaningful connections on social platforms and keeping people happy and engaged.

Episode highlights:

  • Social media is really difficult to have real interactions and build real-world relationships which has created a self-selecting and polarizing environment. The ad-driven business model has exacerbated a quantity over quality.
  • From a broad perspective, social media is a great discovery tool but there is a deeper connection missing. Watson poses, How can we reframe how we think about interacting with people via technology?
  • Squad seized an opportunity in the social consumer space, pivoting from enterprise company to consumer company.
  • The dopamine-effect goes deeper when individuals have genuine interactions with a handful of people.
  • Personal transformation and self-awareness: This is the year to talk about mindfulness around mental health.


Watson is forward-thinking and “bullish on the new social,” offering perspective on how to navigate our relationships and world with technology as a useful aid. Listen to the full episode now.