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 There are a few things you need to take note of investing in a startup.  You need to be able to leverage your network, attend industry events, create a venture capital firm, and make use of ICO platforms are a few things you need to pay attention to.  You should be getting as much information as possible and making the right connections. 

Leveraging your networks is a huge way to connect with potential partners. Seeking out founders and investors on LinkedIn is a great place to start.  It’s important to get insights from people that are active in the small business area to find a startup with the highest growth potential.  

Attending industry events will help to stay current on what is trending. Conferences, seminars, and trade shows for startups are becoming more frequent each year with more entrepreneurs attending across different industries to find the right investor. 

Investing in startups often means that money isn’t just bursting through the doors, it takes time and support before a startup to realize their objectives.  Creating a venture capital firm could be the place for you and can help you build a name for yourself fairly quickly in the world of startup investing. You should do this if you are truly passionate about helping support innovative business ideas. 

Don’t forget about ICOs, or initial coin offerings, if you are more interested in individual investing is more desirable.  ICOs let you use cryptocurrency to buy coins from startups, and if everything goes well, the value of your coins increases which gives you a constantly growing asset you can sell as you wish.  This is ideal for first-time investors to generate passive income. 

Ultimately, if you believe that someone has found a way to revolutionize the gaming industry or sustainable tech market, use the resources right at your hands to help. A good idea can take you and your investment a long way.