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 What can we expect as hotels start opening back up?

  • New practices in the hospitality industry.
  • Cleanliness and sterilization of rooms
  • What the future looks like post-COVID19.

Hospitality businesses in the United States are slowly beginning to open up. Along with that also comes the restrictions and subject to follow SOPs.  Hotels have, slowly, started accepting the “people-less” experience where more will be delegated to technology applications. 

What does this all mean for those traveling and staying in hotels? Many things that used to be done by humans will be done with robotics and self-service kiosks such as; robots at the concierge desk, room service, and luggage delivery.  Hotels have to breed a culture of social distancing, continuing meetings, and interactions through remote work and virtual meetings to stay engaged and connected with their team. Hotel staff will need the proper training to ensure that all SOPs are implemented while guests are at the property.

Cleanliness and sterilization are a big concern and something that guests will be more cautious of – leading hotels will need to revisit their sterilization standards.  One way of doing that is with a robot that helps to fight off germs.  The two LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot, Zena, is a germ-killing UV ray light that helps to kill certain strains of coronavirus and it only takes a few minutes to clean a room with it.

The future in the hospitality industry will look much different in our very near future. Mobile apps have already been deemed the central smart room access solution. Bluetooth locks in hotel doors that can only be opened with guests’ personal phones, the ability to control room temperature, unlock their door, and access entertainment on their tv will all be able to be done through your phone. 

Overall, safety and cleanliness standards have changed since Covid-19, and yet again, technology is here to help save the day. Link to Article