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This episode of Net Effects Podcast with hosts Les Ottolenghi and Mark Bavissoto features an interview with lifelong entrepreneur David Brown. David leads his groundbreaking accelerator, Techstars, with the mission that “entrepreneurs can change the world.” This episode dives into how the “Give first”-mentality can empower organizations with a conscious approach to participating in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Episode highlights:

  • When it comes to goals or striking forth on launching an entrepreneurial venture, David advises, “Once you have a destination in mind, you should work hard to take the necessary steps to reach that destination.”
  • David’s “Give first” social good philosophy is the notion that life doesn’t have to be transactional, it is ok to be serendipitous with returns being undefined and occurring in the future.
  • Organizations that embrace “Give first” and a conscious approach with positive social impact are proven to do better financially and in recruiting top talent.
    How to be startup-friendly: Communities must have mentors, investment members (or an angel community), and partnerships with educational institutions and local corporate organizations.
  • Read David’s book “No Vision All Drive”: Turn a seed idea into reality, and Insight on how to build a successful startup.
  • Essential quality around personal transformation that entrepreneurs need to experience and embrace: Get out of (your) echo chamber and become more well-rounded.

Whether you are a leader of a startup or a corporation, this Net Effects Podcast episode offers valuable perspective and anecdotal advice on social impact and digital transformation business models. Listen to the full episode now.