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  • “Digital Vortex” is a new environment defined by speed, chaos, and complexity of digital disruptors
  • Digital Vortexes pull industries toward a digital center — digitizing business models, offerings, and value chains
  • Established companies often experience difficulty making the leap to successful disruptive innovations, because what makes them great in their space can also make it difficult to change
  • Value Vacancies allow these same large companies to go on the offense towards a market opportunity with the advantage of access to capital, established branding, and a large customer base
  • Startups’ culture and practices generally have fewer restrictions found in larger companies — embracing risk, agility and fast innovation
  • Value – in the form of Cost, Experience, and/or Platform – for the end customer is of the most significance (rather than the traditional value chain of providing products or services)
  • A multi-faceted value approach can be found in “Combinatorial Disruption” — creating customer value on multiple fronts
  • Harvest and Retreat, both defensive competitive strategies, focus on optimizing threatened business segments
  • Disrupt and Occupy, both offensive strategies, aim at disrupting core business or creating new markets, and then sustaining competitive gains
  • Digital Business Agility brings together combinatorial disruption while pursuing both defensive and offensive strategies
  • Digital Business Agility, encourages an optimized pace driven by hyperawareness, informed decision-making, and fast execution

The Digital Vortex environment brings with it a new rulebook on how the most successful organizations – both startups and large companies – are using digital strategy to savvily navigate new and existing spaces. Covered in the “Digital Vortex: How Today’s Market Leaders Can Beat Disruptive Competitors at Their Own Game” summary, is an exploration of different types of customer values, competitive approaches (both offense and defense), disruption and opportunities, as well as high-level traits that drive intelligent change.  I read the book referenced above (Digital Vortex Book), and thought it was interesting. While I am not offering an endorsement of a strategy, tactics, thoughts, service nor a company or author, the information was intellectually stimulating and thoughtful and worth a review.