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2020 was our masterclass. There was nothing like being launched into a new reality that tested us individually and collectively. Choosing how to navigate the world within the constraints of regulation, pandemic mitigation, and the unknowns accompanying COVID19, provided important, tough lessons in personal responsibility. And it also included lessons in patience and emotional boundaries.

Finding Resilience “The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.”

If I could pick a word for 2020 it would be “resilience” — obstacles and disruption became challenges for resourcefulness and ingenuity. The healthcare professionals and essential workers – like my nephew Joey who is a doctor in Brooklyn – who show up at the frontlines everyday are inspiring demonstrations of this perseverance, grace, and self-sacrifice. I’m not going to say even one day was “easy” but I am appreciative for the opportunity to learn and grow on this Earth alongside my family members and virtually near friends and colleagues. 

Looking Forward

As 2021 rounds the corner, I am curious as to what the new year will bring and what we will discover about ourselves. COVID19 is still very much here but it has also evolved our perceptions, behavior, the speed of innovation, and scientific research coupled with ingenuity.  

  • What else did our 2020 masterclass give us to irrevocably carry forward and continue growing with?

Motivated by Optimism

I propose that this metamorphosis of the human spirit evolves into a more self-aware and appreciative version. New Year’s resolutions around personal transformation, our families, and our planet seem especially important. Adopting new self-care rituals with consistency and love – like plant-based eating, daily exercise routines, mindful meditation, or finding more fresh air activities – and discipline around choices that lead us to the direction of being better humans. 

A lot can happen in a year. Instead of trepidation, let’s choose the pursuit of joy,  even in the small things, that are founded in resilience and driven by personal responsibility that empowers freedom, prosperity, wellness for all. We have never been more ready to embrace unknown futures. 2021 has no choice but to be our best year yet.