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How can the way forward provide substantial uplift to our wellbeing as a whole?

Every societal structure in every corner of the world has been spectacularly shredded by the coronavirus. We are upended, uncomfortable, uncertain, and unknowing. There are no proselytizing pundits that can accurately predict what happens next for the human race as we teeter on the edge of collapse or greatness. 

It is times like these when a riff on a quote really resonates with the times: “We didn’t come this far only to come this far.” 

This is our grand opportunity to answer the irrefutable biological evidence of inevitable change. As 6 billion people awaken to the higher calling of a new earth age, we will remember this as the time before the “next normal.” McKinsey researchers have identified five stages that they believe to be the most transformative for the imminent restructuring of global economic order.

Five Stages

  • Stage 1: Resolve – Crisis response efforts are in play in almost every country with efforts to shore up medical supplies, ensure business-continuity and employee-safety plans, meet the demand of essentials, and more. Resolve encompasses the need to determine the scale, pace, and depth of action required at the state and business levels.
  • Stage 2: Resilience – The pandemic has evolved into a financial crisis, perpetuating uncertainty around the size, duration, and shape of decline in GDP and employment. Resilience is a vital necessity in persevering to the “next normal.”
  • Stage 3: Return – Leaders must reassess their business systems and develop a plan for returning their business to production at an effective pace and scale.
  • Stage 4: Reimagination – The pandemic opens the door identifying vulnerabilities and opportunities, presenting the opportunity to reimagine resilience to crises and shock.
  • Stage 5: Reform – Policies, emerging science and innovations, inclusivity and equability, and more will fortify an interconnected and highly mobile world.

SUMMARY: Link to Article

The next normal will be shaped by the discussions, debates, and decisions that identify how our new reality will sharply diverge from the past. McKinsey breaks down what happens after the battle against coronavirus has been won (or mitigated to relative safety or control), and how imperative this multi-pronged approach is for leaders who will shape the economically and socially viable path forward.