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“The environment and the business model of a casino has changed,” remarked Les Ottolenghi, EVP/CIO of Caesars Entertainment Corporation, at this year’s TIBCO NOW Chicago.

In the past, Les explained, the majority of a casino’s revenue came from gaming. However, times are changing and in 2018, over 77 percent of casino revenue came from non-gaming streams. That’s why the third largest live entertainment promoter in the country decided it was time to work with TIBCO to build a digital platform to optimize, personalize, and deliver more customer value.

With over 100 million annual guests, 55 properties and 68,000 team members worldwide, Caesars’ transformation began in 2016 with five strategic pillars of transformation:

  • Focus on value creation
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Data & analytics
  • Innovation
  • Scalability & security

These pillars guided the entertainment giant to focus on tools and services, building its audience and standards, and matching customers to the experiences they preferred. Using the API-led integration capabilities of TIBCO Cloud™ Integration and TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery®, Caesars now has the ability to deliver a cloud-first customer engagement model across all channels. The platform is empowering its team members to deliver a world-class consumer digital experience.

Les was particularly excited about the creation of a Unified Customer Profile (UCP) for advanced offer matchmaking and personalization. The new technology at Caesars has enabled the company to deliver a fully connected guest experience across real-time offers, check-in, casino experience tracking, sports and casino leaderboards, e-sports, and sports betting.

“Today, Caesars has a platform that is simple and more cost-effective to deliver new capabilities faster and is built on a secure modern architecture that utilizes cloud computing produced by the worlds’ leading technology companies…This is the power of integration, and TIBCO has been a foundational part of making this massive effort a success,” said Les.

“We’re now looking at what the casino floor of the future will look like, which is likely to include more e-sports, virtual experiences, and hyper-personalization. Caesars properties are more than casinos, they are integrated resorts.”

To learn more about how Caesars is using TIBCO technologies to create a connected guest experience, check out the full case study today.

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